Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the process of collecting, organising and analysing large sets of data (called big data) to identify trends and other useful information for business to make informed decisions.

The world is changing rapidly and Big Data Analytics has already become a key player for businesses gaining competitive advantage.  Technology is keeping pace with the demands of industry with software systems built to accommodate data from multiple sources, Hadoopmultiple platforms and multiple timelines.  An example being Hadoop, which can manipulate large amounts of data in seconds, regardless of the source, data-type or platform the data is on.  Hadoop has fascinating capacity to manipulate Big Data at ease, let me know what you think of Hadoop.

Of all data analysis tools, in my opinion, hadoop is the most powerful.  It can be run  on a basic server, it does not require any specific expensive hardware support and can analyse data from multiple sources, formats and timelines.  From a global business perspective, this offers many advantages.


Author: Geraldine Cummins

Passionate about digital marketing

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