Management Information Systems

A management information system (MIS) is the structured approach taken by the organisation to study activities within the business.  For example, a supermarket will use MIS to identify which products sell best, at what time, and accompanied by what other products e.g. bread and butter, wine and cheese etc.  The content of this course has helped MISme to understand the importance of Management Information Systems (MIS) for businesses to gain competitive advantage.  Through the utilisation of MIS to monitor activity in the business e.g. the effect of a sales promotion on sales for the week, or the effect of a competitor promotion on your business.  Put simply, the current promotional price being offered by Eir (Eircom) for customers to buy a bundle, will have a direct impact on Vodafone/Sky sales activity.    Click here for  more exciting information about MIS and how it can help you.



Author: Geraldine Cummins

Passionate about digital marketing

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